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“There is nothing more rewarding for us than solving someone’s problem. As lawyers, what we often tell clients is, don’t worry, go home and sleep well tonight, we’ve got this.”


Areas of Expertise

As most business owners know, the longer you are in business the greater the odds are that your business will be involved in litigation.

Contract disputes are a common reason your business will become involved in a lawsuit, as is the need to protect your intellectual property if another party violates your trademarks or copyrights. Business litigation can also be necessary if a former employee violates the terms of a non-compete agreement.

Our Tampa commercial litigation attorneys also represent businesses that are facing shareholder derivative actions or that are facing accusations of a breach of fiduciary duty. No matter how complex your business litigation needs are, we can help.

From formation to dissolution, your business needs the advice and guidance of an experienced business law attorneys. We will ensure that you are in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws during the business formation stage of your enterprise.

Once your business is up and running, we can provide invaluable assistance with contract drafting to make sure your interests are protected and decrease the likelihood of disputes.

If you reach a point at which you decide to wind up your business, our Tampa business law attorneys can help you through the complex process of corporate dissolution.

Residential and commercial real estate transactions may involve numerous parties and can often result in legal disputes. Construction disputes can quickly escalate into construction liens.

Our Tampa real estate law attorneys have extensive experience representing parties involved in construction-related lawsuits such as construction defects. Another area of real estate law that frequently results in contentious litigation is HOA and COA disputes.

Because homeowner and condominium owner associations are subject to numerous state and federal laws, you need an experienced real estate lawyer on your side if you are a party to one of these lawsuits. Landlords can also benefit from the advice and guidance of our experienced Florida real estate attorneys when faced with the need to remove a tenant.

Florida’s eviction laws and procedures must be followed to avoid a costly lawsuit.

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  • In the past few years I have dealt with several attorneys for various legal reasons, both personal and business, and out of all of them Jeff and Ghada have been the most exceptional without a doubt. Attorneys usually have a bad reputation and some of them deserve it for very good reasons, but just like any profession, there are good attorneys and then there are the rest. I was always skeptical of hiring an attorney, until I met Jeff. Not only did he handle a very difficult personal case (home remodeling contractor) with optimism, but I was truly surprised by the outcome of the case, more so because it was beyond my expectations. I am confident that it wasn't just sheer luck, it was how he approached the case with logical steps backed by research and paying attention to the details. Since then, Jeff has handled other personal issues (tenant, contracts, etc) with success, and his valuable advice has always been just an email away. Ghada has matched Jeff's performance with all my business needs. Ghada is very knowledgeable, straight forward and confident. Her attention to details has always been a life saver. Ghada has worked on several business contracts with success, and whenever she needed an extra opinion, she tapped into her network of colleagues to make sure that nothing is left to doubt. Not only do I value the results I have experienced, but most importantly, I value the down to earth attitude and always being available day and night by either phone or email. I highly recommend to anyone reading this to seriously consider this law firm as your first choice. I personally have no doubt that you will never be disappointed, and that you will have a whole new perspective on dealing with an attorney.

  • Jeff Leiser was the 5th attorney I talked to about a case that I was losing. Everyone else that I talked to told me to plan on filing BK because they did not see me overcoming the case.A copier company was coming after me for a lot of money for a contract that I signed a personal guarantee on. My former partners defaulted on the lease a few years after I left the company. Although I was no longer associated with the company and had releases signed by my former associates taking responsibility for the lease the copier company denied any knowledge of this and came after me for the balance and was winning because I could not find an attorney to help.When I meet Jeff the other side was already close to a final judgment against me. Last week the court dismissed the case in my favor. Huge thanks to Jeff Lieser for taking the time to listen before making any decisions and for going the extra distance for me.

  • LS is incredible. They help me with all of my legal needs and they are very fair with rates.

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