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Construction Defects

Discovering that you may be victim of a construction defect can be devastating. You are proud of the home, office or other structure you have built and a serious construction defect can quickly take the wind out of your sails.

Our Tampa construction defect attorneys can determine if you have a case against a contractor, engineer or other construction professional and help you recover compensation for what may turn out to be a costly problem.

Construction defects can occur in single family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, large commercial buildings, planned unit developments, retail buildings, industrial buildings and more.

Construction defects can cause such problems as:

  • leaky roofs,
  • leaking windows,
  • pooling water on the roof and balconies,
  • cracked slabs,
  • flooded foundations,
  • cracked flooring, and
  • mold and other dangers.

If you believe you are dealing with a possible construction defect, you should have an engineering evaluation done as soon as possible. It is best to use an independent contractor for this who can quickly determine the details of the problem and whether it is construction related.

Florida Statute provides strict timelines as to when a suit can be filed for a construction defect. Generally, a suit must be filed within four years of the discovery of the defect.  However, a suit is also required to be filed within ten (10) years of:

  • possession of property by owner,
  • date of issuance of certificate of occupancy, or
  • date of completion or termination of contract with engineer, architect or contractor.

Because of this, it is a good idea to have any building you own inspected for possible structural defects when the ten (10) year mark is approaching. This is an excellent way to avoid major costly repairs in the future.

Florida law requires property owners who claim construction defects to notify and allow the construction professional an opportunity to make repairs before the owner can file suit.

The construction professional then has a specified amount of time to respond and offer to make repairs or to settle on an amount of money to pay the owner so the owner can make repairs. At this point, the owner can accept the offer or file suit.

If you believe you have a construction defect suit, call the experienced lawyers at Lieser Skaff.

Our Tampa construction attorneys can answer any questions you have about construction defects and the law.

We can also help you if you are having a problem with:

  • construction delays
  • insurance coverage disputes related to rebuilding
  • mold and mildew claims
  • construction contracts and related documents

Whatever your problem, after a thorough evaluation of your situation, a Tampa construction defect lawyer at our firm will determine how to best recover the compensation you are entitled to.

Read our blog post about using the Chapter 558 “notice of claim” before filing a construction defect lawsuit to extend the statute of limitations.

We are currently working with any victims who could benefit from the KB Home Settlement.

Do you need a Tampa lawyer with Construction Defects experience?  Contact our Construction Defects Attorney at our firm for a consultation today!

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