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Contract Drafting

Serious disputes can arise when parties disagree over the meaning of ambiguous or vague contract language. Litigation is often the end result where the parties cannot reasonably anticipate the outcome of their dispute. This uncertainty causes the parties to evaluate their positions very differently, making the dispute difficult to settle.

But a contract that is properly drafted at the outset of a business transaction can avoid disputes. Specializing in residential and commercial leases, promissory notes, non-compete agreements, and asset purchase agreements, our attorneys draft contracts with an eye towards clarity and certainty.

The business attorneys at Lieser Skaff apply years of litigation experience to anticipate and address all kinds of disputes that may arise during the contractual relationship. Some of the things we do to help the parties understand their obligations include:

  • Avoid use of open-ended terms
  • Define performance standards
  • Describe specific examples of material breach of contract
  • Provide for written notice of breach of contract
  • Detail the process by which the parties will resolve disputes
  • Describe specific examples of damages that may be recovered

Consult the Tampa Contract Drafting Attorneys at Lieser Skaff

Because every business is different, no two contracts are the same. Each contract drafted by our attorneys is tailored to meet our client’s individualized objectives. We integrate client-specific provisions that help achieve those objectives as well as limit the client’s financial risk.

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