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Business Dissolutions

Tampa Business Dissolutions Attorney

Business dissolutions involve the winding down and legal ending of a commercial enterprise, for multiple reasons. Whether because of low cash flow, irreconcilable partner disagreements, unforeseen or uncontrollable market changes, external disputes, retirement, or other causes, a business may need to be dissolved. This process involves several steps and legal actions under state regulations which must be accomplished to effectively end the business. If you are a business owner in the Tampa area or anywhere throughout the state of Florida who needs to undergo a business dissolution, a Tampa business lawyer at Lieser Skaff can provide the competent help you need.

Read Specifically About Corporate Dissolutions

At our firm, our priority is to ensure that your dissolution is accomplished efficiently and thoroughly without further obligations or liabilities. Once the decision is made to shut down operations, it is imperative to close the business legally and in good faith in order to avoid fines, fees, or continued liability. We can advise you on such matters as notifying any taxing agencies that you are registered with for the collection of sales taxes as well as notifying creditors of the dissolution and making arrangements to pay them. We can also advise you about the legal disposition of company assets, such as distribution of the remaining assets to shareholders, members, or partners.

Consult with a Tampa Business Lawyer about Your Business Dissolution

Our experienced attorneys can advise you about dissolving your business from the initial decision through the entire legal process, including any contract, dispute, or litigation issue which may arise. We are fully prepared to handle all aspects of your business dissolution and welcome the prospect of providing you with the highest quality of business law assistance and representation possible. We urge you to contact our firm to arrange a legal consultation with one of our attorneys at your earliest opportunity to discuss your business dissolution.

Also contact us if you are considering a corporate bankruptcy.

Contact our business lawyers at the firm today for capable legal assistance with a business dissolution anywhere in the state of Florida.

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