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Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing and managing commercial real estate is a long-term investment of both time and money. Lieser Skaff assists investors, developers, and property owners buy and sell commercial properties.

Commercial Property Services

Not only can we help you negotiate a sales price, we can help you with all aspects of your commercial property. Whether you need assistance with complex sales agreements, negotiating financial terms, drawing up contracts, handling closings, or need help navigating permitting requirements, we are here to help.

At Lieser Skaff, we understand the intricate nature of commercial real estate. That is why more property owners, developers, and others depend on us to guide them through the entire process including dealing with:

  • Negotiations and legal requirements
  • Producing all appropriate contracts
  • Negotiations of financing terms
  • Closings and transfers of title

We understand your goal is to remain within a budget while remaining on schedule to ensure you are not losing valuable time and money on a transaction involving commercial property. We also understand the first step in a successful transaction involves a properly drawn up and executed contract.

There are numerous parties involved in many commercial properties and we are fully prepared to help facilitate the communication process between buyers and sellers, financial institutions, contractors, architects, and others who may be part of the overall plan including joint partners.

Post-Closing Commercial Real Estate Work


We understand the purchase, financing, and closing of commercial property is only the first step. That is why we are fully prepared to guide you through the numerous legal matters you can face after a purchase transaction is completed. We can assist you with the preparation of commercial leases to ensure your interests in the property are fully protected while maximizing your investment.

Should you face issues with a tenant once the property is occupied, Lieser Skaff will be prepared to assist you with lease drafting and enforcement. We understand that the longer a non-paying or non-conforming tenant remains in your property, the more risk and costs you face. We have handled thousands of eviction cases and will do everything legally possible for you to quickly recover your property and re-let.

Consult the attorneys at Lieser Skaff and put our commercial real estate experience to work for you.

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