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Other Practice Areas

Everyone deserves equal access to justice, regardless of their circumstances. Lieser Skaff’s team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses navigate the legal system and obtain the compensation and protection they deserve.

In addition to our core practice areas, we also represent clients in a range of other practice areas, including personal injury, defamation, class action lawsuits, elderly exploitation, and estate planning.

Personal Injury If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, our personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to hold those responsible accountable and secure the compensation you need to recover.

Defamation Our defamation attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of libel and slander law and will fight to protect your reputation and hold those responsible for defaming you accountable.

Class Action Lawsuits Lieser Skaff also represents clients in class action lawsuits, helping groups of individuals pursue justice and compensation for harm caused by corporations or other entities.

Elderly Exploitation – Lieser Skaff’s elder exploitation attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of seniors who have been taken advantage of by individuals, corporations, or other entities.

Estate Planning – Lieser Skaff’s estate planning lawyers work with individuals and families to create comprehensive plans for the future.

Other Practice Areas

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