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Do You Need Mediation to Help Resolve a Dispute in Tampa?

Mediation is an informal process where a third party intermediary, the mediator, helps feuding parties reach an agreement.  Contrary to expectations, resolving a dispute in this manner does not need to be a painful experience.  As long as mediation participants have a basic understanding of the mediation process and are consenting and willing participants, almost any mediation can be productive.

The most important thing to understand about mediation is that what is said is almost always confidential.   It is also important to bear in mind that each party has complete decision-making power to either settle or go home.

Our Tampa Mediator

Jeff Lieser is a Circuit Civil Mediator.  As a Tampa lawyer, he has participated in numerous mediations.   Through this experience, he has gained invaluable insight as to what it takes to be an effective mediator.  He relies upon this understanding as well as his strong interpersonal skills in seeking a mutually acceptable resolution to every case.

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If you feel mediation may help resolve a dispute in Tampa, St. Petersburg or anywhere else in the state, please contact the Tampa mediator at our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

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