Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate law is complicated. Between state and federal laws, as well as local ordinances and codes, one wrong decision or missed item can be costly. The attorneys at Lieser Skaff Alexander have the experience you need to avoid problems or to aggressively represent your interests when mistakes have been made. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, landlord, HOA or COA we can help you resolve conflicts and achieve the best possible outcomes.

General Construction Disputes and Litigation

Construction projects involve a variety of parties, including the owners/developers, contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers and more. Many things can go wrong and it can be difficult to identify who is responsible to pay damages in the event of a mistake. Our attorneys address all types of construction disputes and untangle the complexities of the issues to achieve the best resolution.

Code Enforcement

Every Florida property owner is subject to city and county codes, and the state grants these entities broad authority to enforce them. Penalties for code violations can include large fines and property liens. As a property owner, you are entitled to receive adequate notice of the issue, but there is often only a 30-day window to respond. Contact a code enforcement attorney soon as you receive notice of a violation so we can seek to resolve the issue with minimal disruption to your life.

HOA & COA Disputes

Homeowner associations (HOA) and condominium owner associations (COA) are governed by an extensive set of Florida and federal laws and regulations.  It is imperative that these entities retain experienced attorneys to assure that they follow all applicable rules. This area of the law is complex and board members need counsel at their side.

Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Matters

At Lieser Skaff Alexander, we only represent landlords in property disputes, lawsuits and eviction cases. We know how to guide you through every landlord-tenant dispute. If you are a commercial or residential landlord, we have the expertise you need.  

Ejectment, Unlawful Detainer and Trespass

When someone has overstayed their welcome you have the right to force them to leave, even if there is no verbal or written lease agreement. Using the tools of ejectment, unlawful detainer or trespass, you can ask a court to legally require someone to leave, and in some instances, request damages. Our attorneys will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

We have helped thousands of property owners, landlords, COAs and HOAs address day-to-day matters and face daunting challenges. We are here to apply our decades of knowledge to your situation and protect your rights and interests.