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Lease Drafting

There are hundreds of residential and commercial lease forms on the internet, most of which are unnecessarily long and filled with archaic legal jargon. A lease written in concise, plain English is more effective because when reasonable parties understand the contract, they are less likely to argue over what it means.

The attorneys at Lieser Skaff understand that the parties reading the contract are the landlord and the tenant, not other lawyers or the court. So we define esoteric lease terminology using everyday words in short, crisp sentences. And because we are cost-conscious real estate attorneys, we incorporate boilerplate language, but only where it actually applies to help achieve our client’s objectives. The end result is a clear, streamlined, tailor-made lease agreement to which the landlord and the tenant can easily reference.

Consult the Tampa Lease Drafting Attorneys at Lieser Skaff

Leases do not get the attention they deserve, considering the amount of money involved and the fact that the lease will govern the relationship between the lessor and the lessee for a fairly long time. Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord or a prospective tenant operating a small business, our real estate attorneys will draft a lease that thoroughly covers all aspects of the contractual relationship and furthers your business goals. We can also help you negotiate the terms of a commercial lease or analyze a previously drafted commercial or residential lease to make sure your business interests are protected.

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