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Jeff Lieser Consults with Channel 8 on Tampa’s Tempo High-Rise Construction Defects

Jeff Lieser Consults with Channel 8Only 90% complete, Tampa Housing Authority’s newest residential high-rise, the Tempo, is already plagued with problems. This leaky building is flawed by construction defects that may cost taxpayers more than their original $26 million dollar investment. Chanel 8 On Your Side reached out to Lieser Skaff attorney Jeff Lieser and requested that he review a report delivered to the THA regarding construction problems that included windows installed upside down.

Jeff found many areas of concern that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just to litigate. Correcting the water leaks and other problems that can lead to mold and a toxic environment will cost even more to resolve. Although the THA insists that the taxpayers will not foot the bill for this disaster, Jeff isn’t so sure. “I’m one of those taxpayers and I’m concerned,” he told Chanel 8.

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