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Virtual Mediation During COVID-19

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing more people to stay home, businesses across the country must find ways to perform their work without face-to-face interactions. Yet the pandemic has not reduced sources of disagreement.

Fast resolution of conflicts is often necessary for businesses to navigate this unusual time, and mediation can help with that. Yet the demands of social distancing make traditional, face-to-face mediation difficult. To answer this concern, Tampa mediator, Jeff Lieser, offers virtual business mediation services.

What Is Digital Business Mediation?

Digital mediation is an online form of traditional mediation. Specifically, it:

  • Man Attending a Virtual MeetingConnects disputing parties with a mediator through a secure, private online conference platform.
  • Allows the mediator to walk the parties through their dispute without face-to-face conflict.
  • Allows for electronic signatures of any resulting legal documents or agreements.
  • Takes place with no face-to-face, in-person contact, helping all parties maintain proper social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

With virtual mediation, you get the same high-level mediation services you expect from Mr. Lieser, but in a virtual environment.

Does Online Mediation Work?

Jeff Lieser is a skilled business and real estate mediator. He knows how to spot subtle cues, like body language and facial expression, of the participants to help guide the discussion. You may wonder if virtual mediation is as effective. The answer is yes. Even in a digital environment, a skilled mediator can facilitate resolution.

For business owners struggling due to COVID-19, disagreements are going to happen. Through our virtual mediation services, Florida businesses can work through those differences. We can help you come to a successful conclusion, all while doing your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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