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Business Outside In-House Counsel

Large corporations have in-house legal departments or general counsel to identify the risks associated with management’s business decisions. In-house attorneys recommend ways the company can protect itself while accomplishing its goals and objectives. Small and mid-sized businesses usually do not have that luxury, as employing full-time legal counsel is generally cost prohibitive. Consequently, the responsibility for risk management rests on the shoulders of the business owners.

Assessing risk is critical for small and medium-sized businesses. Breach of contract claims, personal injury and property damage claims, disputes with partners, shareholders or employees and trouble with local, state and federal agencies can cause financial losses severe enough to cripple or bankrupt the business. Often the best way to minimize or avoid exposure to loss is to retain a business law firm to advise the business before problems arise

Lieser Skaff offers an “outside in-house general counsel” program that provides Tampa business owners immediate access to our team of knowledgeable and experienced business attorneys. Like an in-house legal department, we are readily available to help small and medium-sized companies identify business and legal risks that could negatively affect the bottom line and provide advice and best practice recommendations that minimize or avoid those risks in future.

Our firm is on call to answer questions and offer legal advice and services in a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Business structures that protect assets and minimize taxes
  • Dealing with shareholders or partners
  • Insurance requirements
  • Contract drafting, review, negotiation and disputes
  • Rights and obligations under leases and other continuing agreements
  • Compliance with industry specific laws and regulations
  • Compliance with state and federal labor and employment laws and regulations
  • Advertising and protection of intellectual property
  • Competition from ex-employees and loss of important customers or trade secrets
  • Debt collection

Consult the Tampa Outside In-House General Counsel at Lieser Skaff

Our objective is to support your business goals with timely, business-oriented solutions. Lieser Skaff offers proactive legal advice and recommends best practices that can help small and mid-sized Tampa businesses protect themselves against risk and financial loss. We charge an affordable flat fee by the project or a monthly flat fee for ongoing legal advisory services. Our attorneys are just a phone call away.

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