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Employment Class Action Lawsuit Defense

Disputes between employees and management can escalate to the filing of a class action lawsuit, placing the company at financial risk and damaging its public reputation. Lieser Skaff only represents employers and defends clients whose employees have filed class action suits.

Class Action Lawsuits

While any individual employee can sue their employer for a number of issues, a class action lawsuit can only be filed if the alleged wrongful behavior impacts a large number employees. Sometimes these lawsuits are filed in good faith and other times they are part of a collective bargaining strategy used to intimidate the company. Regardless of the reason for the filing, the potential liability can be devastating.

Hour and wage collective actions are among the most common claims filed by employees because:

  • Employees do not need to show bad intent on the part of their employer; and
  • Verdicts are often for large amounts.

Often, all employees have to document is that the employer made a wage mistake without showing that the action was intentional.

Other allegations that can be the focus of class action filings include:

  • Race discrimination;
  • Sex discrimination — including “glass ceiling” and Equal Pay Act claims;
  • Age discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment; and
  • Employee benefits

Once an employment class action lawsuit is filed, it is critical to find quality and expert representation.

Defending Employment Class Action Lawsuits

At Lieser Skaff, we work with our clients to analyze the specific situation and data and determine the best course of action, which may include:

  • Challenging the “class” of employees, arguing that they are not all “similarly situated.”
  • Limiting the potential exposure by geography, if there is more than one location, or by challenging the class;
  • Forcing strict adherence to the statute of limitations;
  • Seeking a summary judgment in the client’s favor;
  • Negotiating favorable settlements;  and/or
  • Aggressively defending the client in court.

Employment class action cases are complex and require experienced counsel who understands the legal nuances and requirements of these situations and can work to minimize a company’s exposure.  Because Lieser Skaff only represents employers, we truly appreciate their needs and the service they provide to the community. We are experts in federal and state employment laws and will put our vast experience to work for you.

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