Employment Law

Lieser Skaff Alexander’s Employment attorneys can help your business navigate conflicts with employees, craft policies to promote effective management practices, and ensure your business’ compliance with state and federal employment and workplace laws. Ambiguous policies, out of date employee handbooks, and strife between your company’s management and its employees can depress morale, expose your company to liability, and threaten your bottom line. We work with you to development and implement compliance practices that help prevent conflict within your business and provide litigation services when disputes do arise.

At Lieser Skaff Alexander, we only represent employers. That means we’re on the side of business owners like you every time.

Let us help you:

  • Draft or update your employment agreements and independent contractor contracts
  • Help you decide what workers should be designated as contractors, rather than employees, and asses the associated risks
  • Protect your business’ trade secrets and non-competes, whether by drafting better contracts or representing your business in litigation
  • Defend against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation litigation
  • Create policies to keep you in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, including company policies regarding leaves of absence and reasonable accommodation requests
  • Defend employment class actions against your business
  • Defend wage and hour lawsuits against you and help you comply with the FLSA