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Jeffrey Lieser Cited in Business Observer as he Works to Protect Client’s Intellectual Property on the Web

As reported in the Business Observer, Jeff Lieser of Lieser Skaff, represents a client in a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Tampa against a publicly traded, New York City-based company. The lawsuit alleges that the company used LS’s client’s content without consent and for its financial gain. In the Business Observer article, Jeff offers ideas to business owners to protect themselves from similar situations.

Monitor the Internet for Your Content

First, Lieser recommends that companies protect their intellectual property by continually monitoring of the content on other sites, especially competitors, for possible theft of content. If you believe that content has been plagiarized, send a demand letter that the content be removed, and if that isn’t successful, then take legal action, if possible.

Protect Your Site with Strong Terms of Service

He also encourages entrepreneurs and other business owners to have strongly worded terms of use or service on their sites. This could include a statement that the content of the site, including blogs, cannot be shared, copied, reprinted or otherwise used without the express, written permission of the owner of the site.

Protect Digital Content From Previous Employees

Another issue is post-employment computer access by former staff members. Use an offboarding procedure that protects digital content from being accessed by former employees. When a person leaves your company, immediately delete all login credentials and change parking lot, building and other access codes to secure your physical property, as well as all internal computer networks and cloud-based systems.

Use Non-Compete Agreements

Finally, Lieser encourages employers to have a strong and legally enforceable non-compete agreement, and challenge the former employee if they are in violation. Remember, just because someone signs an agreement doesn’t mean that they will honor it, so you must protect your interests by demanding its enforcement.

Protecting intellectual property is challenging when your online content is easily stolen by your competitors. You must monitor websites and take immediate action to assure that violations are addressed. This situation is even more difficult when former employees abuse their access to your intellectual property and violate non-compete agreements. Seeking legal protection is often the best way to resolve these situations.

Intellectual property and employment law is complex and working with an attorney to protect your interests before a problem arises is the best course of action. Jeff Lieser and his team work with clients to help them avoid these types of issues and aggressively represent clients whose intellectual property rights have been infringed upon or who have been damaged by the actions of former employees. Contact our office today to learn how we can help you protect your business.

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