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In addition to serving as local counsel for large, publicly traded corporations and working closely with regional general counsel or in-house counsel, our attorneys also regularly work with out-of-state law firms and serve as local Florida counsel. As local counsel, we can handle everything from the most complex matters to administrative tasks, including filing pro hac vice motions, seeking extensions of time and serving court documents.

More importantly, Lieser Skaff can provide unique insight into the bias, idiosyncrasies and style of the various Florida players. We are also familiar with local rules, trial practice, motion practice, discovery procedures and local issues. In short, Our lawyers can help you posture your case for optimal results.

In addition, Lieser Skaff also considers fee-sharing arrangements with local and out-of-state counsel in business and commercial cases, personal injury matters and class actions, consistent with Rule 4-1.5 of the Florida Rules Of Professional Conduct, and other ethical considerations.

We are proud of our extensive business and legal knowledge and in-depth experience in a wide variety of subject matters and practice areas. Our Tampa lawsuit attorneys are skilled counselors, negotiators and litigators, dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and professional colleagues. We welcome mutually beneficial referral and co-counsel agreements that help clients and fellow attorneys achieve successful outcomes in business and personal injury lawsuits.

Our firm also receives calls from clients whose cases involve niche practices that we do not handle. Because our focus is always on how can we best serve the client, we strive to use our connections and relationships to find the attorneys and firms who can best assist.

Consult the Tampa and South Florida Referral and Co-Counsel Business Attorneys.

Contact the legal team at Lieser Skaff to help determine whether to refer a case or enter into a co-counsel relationship.

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