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Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

At Lieser Skaff, we understand how physically and financially devastating a serious motorcycle accident can be for the rider and the rider’s family. Our Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers represent seriously injured riders in the Tampa area. We work hard to help you receive the largest monetary recovery possible, whether by settling your case or obtaining a trial verdict in your favor.

Causes of Tampa Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles on the road, other motorists involved in motorcycle accidents typically say that they could not see the motorcycle. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by the failure of other motorists to give the biker the “right of way.” Moreover, an automobile need not actually collide with the motorcycle in order for the biker to recover compensation. For example, if another motorist cuts off a motorcycle, causing the rider to swerve off the road and crash, the rider may still be able to recover compensation from the motorist who caused the crash.

Common Tampa Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycles do not have steel cage protection that other vehicles provide. This usually means that the injuries suffered by bikers are more severe than those sustained in accidents involving two automobiles. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, burns, road rash and broken bones.

Types of Compensation

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to recover compensation for past and future medical expenses, permanent disability, disfigurement, lost past and future wages, pain and suffering and property damage. It is vital that you contact one of our Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys as quickly as possible after the accident so that we can preserve the evidence and collect fresh witness statements. This will help us to maximize the amount of your compensation.

Consult the Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Lieser Skaff

Because motorcycle accidents often involve unique circumstances and debilitating injuries, it is important to hire a knowledgeable Tampa motorcycle accident attorney to handle your claim. Our experienced trial attorneys work with accident reconstruction experts to help prove that the accident was not your fault. We also have a thorough understanding of closed head and traumatic brain injuries, as well as other types of physical trauma. Our goal is to make you as financially whole as possible.

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