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Tampa Franchise Litigation

Franchising is a contractual arrangement pursuant to which one party, the franchisor, grants another party, the franchisee, the right or license to use its business model and trade-name to run a franchise business.  There are a multitude of franchises in the Tampa Bay area.  Examples of popular franchises include: McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Subway. The franchisee usually must pay an up-front franchise fee, plus royalties in the form of a percentage of the business’ revenue.  The franchisee’s interest in doing this is to gain immediate name recognition, proven products or services and proven methods of successfully advertising and delivering those products or services. The contract which governs a franchise relationship is called a Franchise Agreement.  Typically, the franchisor requires such agreements to be personally guaranteed by the franchisee.  Franchise Agreements tend to be complex and voluminous.  They usually govern all aspects of the franchise relationship. At Lieser Skaff, we represent Tampa franchisors and franchisees in disputes and litigation arising under the Franchise Agreement.  Such disputes often involve:

  • the franchisee’s failure to pay royalty fees,
  • the franchisee’s violations of the non-compete clause,
  • misuse of proprietary information by franchisee,
  • encroachment or competition by franchisor, or
  • the franchisor’s failure to train or properly support franchisee

For more information about services we provide regarding Tampa franchises, or to arrange to speak with a lawyer from the firm, contact our office immediately.  We can then begin designing and implementing your best legal strategy.

Do you need a Tampa lawyer with franchise litigation experience?  Contact a Tampa Bay Franchise Litigation Attorney at our firm for a free consultation today!

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