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Tampa Boat Short Sale and Repossession Lawyers

Do You Need Legal Assistance With the Short Sale of Your Boat or Yacht?

The housing industry is not the only arena in which distressed borrowers have been forced to cope with a sagging economy and property that is significantly “under water.”  At Lieser Skaff, we recognize that monthly boat loan payments and carrying costs often pose financial hardships that are equal to, if not worse, than homeowners’.  We have been at the forefront of the crisis in Florida’s marine industry and have represented several distressed borrowers in loan modifications and short sales.

If you are a yacht or boat owner in Tampa, St. Petersburg area or elsewhere in the State and need help with a short sale, loan modification or repossession, please contact a Tampa yacht short sale and repossession attorney at our firm without delay.  We provide personalized attention to all of our clients and will make every effort to effectively resolve your matter as smoothly as possible.

Repossessions of Yachts

As local attorneys who are familiar with Florida’s marine industry and the laws concerning boat sales, we offer a unique service that is growing in need and importance every day.
We urge you to contact a Tampa yacht short sale and repossession lawyer at our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Do you need legal assistance with a boat short sale or repossession in Tampa Bay? Contact a Tampa Boat Short Sale and Repossession Attorney at our firm today!

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