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Real Estate License

Joe Alexander is a licensed real estate agent in Florida. This perspective gives Lieser Skaff more unique and in-depth perspective when dealing with legal matters of real property.

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U.S. J.A.G. Corps

In addition to his work at Lieser Skaff, Jeff is a Reserve Judge Advocate in the United States Army J.A.G. Corps and an Iraq War Veteran. He deployed with the First Heavy Brigade Combat Team, First Infantry Division. While deployed,…

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Circuit Civil Mediation

In 2010 Jeff Lieser became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit-Civil Mediator. Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process where the mediator helps guide parties towards resolving their lawsuit outside of court. Jeff’s extensive mediation experience enables him to better…

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Florida Bar

All attorneys fully licensed by the Bar to practice law in Florida. Jeff Lieser Ghada Skaff Joseph Alexander Michael Singer Karen Prevatt Stephanie Martin Michael Bayern Joleen East Nelson Bo Sellitti Carla Markowitz

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